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Vision Statement

A healthy community of Chula Vista residents

Mission Statement

Enhancing community partnerships to develop and implement coordinated strategies and systems for future generations.

Strategic Objectives

The following objectives will be implemented to meet the mission of the Chula Vista Community Collaborative


Maximize the effectiveness of local organizations through collective planning and actions.

  1. Strengthen relationships with member organizations to enhance and leverage partnerships. 

  2. Build capacity among partner organizations through coordinated educational development opportunities.

  3. Facilitate the development of collaborative efforts among partner organizations that are aligned with the mission of the CVCC.


Enhance community capacity through increased awareness and education. 

  1. Increase awareness of community conditions through focused initiatives. 

  2. Promote public awareness of healthy lifestyles and community wellness.

  3. Build community capacity through resident leadership and civic engagement.


Identify, promote, advocate, and provide services that meet the community needs.

  1. Facilitate information sharing to increase efficiency and awareness of services among stakeholders. 

  2. Collaborate with partner organizations to address community needs and effectively identify gaps in services. 

  3. Coordinate with partner organizations on grant opportunities that meet the needs of Chula Vista residents.


ChulaVistaCC Initiatives

The ChulaVistaCC Chairs/Co-Chairs have various issue-focused initiatives in South Bay.

Focused Responses to Key Issues

When collaborative members encounter a gap in services or responsibilities that corresponds to an important need of the community, they tend to come together to work toward a solution. This process has repeated itself several times in the history of the ChulaVistaCC. The energy of collaborative members and the leadership of local service providers have fostered the establishment of new services, issue-based planning efforts, and resident mobilization campaigns.
The ChulaVistaCC has responded to the need for after-school activities, drug and alcohol issues, and homelessness. The ChulaVistaCC has created and participated in programs to provide culturally appropriate health education. It has also worked with residents to establish a grassroots organization that promotes leadership development and community service.

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