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Chula Vista Community Collaborative Neighborhood Navigator Program HUB

The Neighborhood Navigator Program HUB is a collection of programs that partner with various health insurance companies to provide the best of care services.

  • The Neighborhood Navigator Program HUB provides Care Coordinators/Neighborhood Navigator to develop client engagement while educating and empowering members of the community. 

  • Care Coordinators/Neighborhood Navigators are knowledgeable of resources within local communities, this is how they can refer members to services included but not limited to medical, housing assistance, food pantry, local programs, and much more. 

ChulaVistaCC - HUB Program Overview (Click Here)

Some of the Success Stories Completed by HUB Team

Client #1 

Member recently broke their ankle and had surgery to repair it. The member explained they needed any extra help I could provide. Our HUB staff member explained that they could have meals sent to their home for either two weeks or a month. Member elected two weeks. The staff member submitted a request for meal delivery after hospitalization. It was approved, and the member received ready-made meals for two weeks to aid in their recovery. Member was very grateful for the assistance she received.

Client #2

Mother advised that she had received a 90-day notice to move. The family is a recipient of Section 8 Housing. Mother expressed challenges in contacting her Housing worker. I reviewed the requirements of the Customer Supports (CS) Housing Transition Navigation and found members qualified for the program. I submitted the application, and members were approved for the program. Firstly, it was thought because the family is recipient of Section 8, they would not qualify for the Housing Navigation program. I pointed out to CS-Housing Molina, that members should qualify as one of the qualifiers for the program is that they are prioritized for subsidized housing through CES or a similar program. After supervisory review by Molina, members were approved for the program. Navigation was assigned to Laine from Health Care In Action. Mother was able to rent a home in the Otay Ranch Area. Laine assisted with the move and temporary housing while house was awaiting inspection. Laine and I are continuing to work in concert for members benefit.

Client #3

I began working with member September 29th, 2022. During this short time, member has found housing. Member was sleeping in his car. On October 3rd, I submitted the request for CS-Housing. On October 12th, I received a phone call from member explaining he didn’t think he wanted to continue with the program. I asked him why. Member stated he received a phone call from someone, and they explained they would help him find housing but only in the San Diego City area, and he felt he had been lied to and being “jerked” around. I explained to the member that it did not seem the person who called would be affiliated with the CS-Housing program. I asked for the name and number of the caller. Member advised that he did not know the name, but could provide the number. I asked the member if I could contact the person. Member consented. Member then explained he had found an apartment in San Marcos for $1000, but the landlord was anxious for a move in. Member stated he did not want to miss this opportunity, as he was able to afford the rent, and it included utilities. I understood. Member was highly agitated. I explained I would follow-up with the person who called. I immediately followed up with the phone number member provided. The caller was from the San Diego Housing Commission, and the Navigator’s name was Paolo. Through a conversation with Paolo, I understood that he was not associated with CS-Housing Supports. I immediately called the member and informed him that he was not associated with the ECM program and I would contact the person assigned to him. Member agreed. I then contacted Laine from Health Care in Action by text and informed her of the findings. Laine understood and acted immediately. Through collaboration member was housed over the weekend of October 15th. Health Care in Action was able to expedite member’s move by advancing him moneys for the deposit. Laine asked for my help in modifying the HAP to include how the moneys would be used on member’s behalf. I gladly obliged. Member has officially been approved for the Housing Deposit program to help him furnish his apartment. Due to swift action member continues to be engaged in ECM and can now focus on his behavioral health issues.

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