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Family Resource Centers (FRCs) provide a safe, accessible place for families to connect with comprehensive, coordinated services that help them strengthen their families and become more self-reliant. Programs at each center are tailored to the resources and needs of the community they serve and focus on building on the strengths of each family and individual.  


In order to ensure that community residents are provided the best and most professional service, the ChulaVistaCC Family Resource Centers adhere to the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support developed by the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks. Through collaborative partnerships, agency staff are out stationed at the FRCs. If there is a needed service that the FRCs do not provide, they will ensure that the family is connected to an outside resource.

Making a Referral

For CVESD staff, please use the Microsoft Forms version of the Referral Form found on SharePoint or use this link: CVESD Referral Form


For others, please use the Referral Form on our website under the Referral Form tab:  

Referral Form | ChulaVistaCC  


Please be sure to let parent(s) know to expect a call from the Family Engagement Specialist regarding this referral. 


Have trouble making a Referral? | If you have difficulties sending the referral, please email us at or call (619) 427-2119. 


You should receive confirmation of receipt within 1-2 school days. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us. For questions contact our administrative office at (619) 427-2119. 

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