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 The South Bay Youth Coalition (SBYC) was reconvened in 2016 to collaboratively work on issues affecting our youth. The CVCC is chairing the coalition in partnership with San Ysidro Health. The Coalition provides a forum for collaborative networking and partnerships that creates and enhances effective youth programs. Our mission is “to foster a healthy environment for youth and families in South Bay.”

The Coalition’s work is around three objectives: 1) Increase awareness of youth issues. 2) Increase access and services to youth in South Bay, and 3) Build the capacity of providers to assist youth and families.

In 2017 we have begun a newsletter that is intended as a resource and tool that provides useful tips and information for youth providers. In addition, we hosted two screenings of the film “Resilience” and a follow-up discussion with school and community members on building resiliency in youth.

The SBYC continues to gain momentum and has an ambitious plan for the near future to continue to enhance partnerships and capacity building.

South Bay Youth Coalition used to meet monthly at the CVCC Administration office but all meetings are now canceled until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions until is safe to do so again. Stay tuned!


To join or for more information, email Omar Calleros at


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