The Steering Committee is the governing board for the Chula Vista Community Collaborative (CVCC). The Committee meets monthly and makes decisions regarding organizational goals and policies, budgeting and staff structure, and the conduct of CVCC meetings, among other issues. The Collaborative Director reports to the Steering Committee and is responsible for leading implementation for the plans set forth by the group. The overarching goal of the Steering Committee is to ensure that the mission of the organization is being carried out effectively. 

The Steering Committee consists of 9 voting members.


The Chula Vista Community Collaborative Steering Committee meets every month on the first Wednesday of the month, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Meetings are currently Virtual.

For more information, please contact Brendaly Rodriguez, (619) 427-2290.


Chris Vickers (Chair)

Executive Director of Student, Family, and Community Services

Gilbert Contreras

Principal Recreation Manager

Mauricio Torre

Department Director

Mariana Gomez

Program Manager

Sonia Picos

Director of Student Support Services/District Nurse

Rosa Gracian

Deputy Director


Kendra Brandstein

Director, San Diego Border Area Health Education Center and Community Benefits

Laura Humphreys

Executive Director

Fabian Martinez

Clinic Director

Alejandra Perez

External Affairs & Media Coordinator