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Promotoras Active for Community (PAC) is a citywide team of residents that are working together to discover the assets and interests of their neighbors, stimulate volunteerism and strengthen community ties, respond to the concerns and unmet needs of the community, create more caring relationships among community members, and generally improve community well being.
The members of PAC are known as Promotoras, and also serve as the connection between resources/services available, and our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family.
This group was previously the Neighborhood Council Initiative (NCI).


Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 9-11 AM.
Every 3rd Friday Free Senior Digital Technology Classes. Must Call to Register.

Please contact PAC Coordinator Lillian Hernandez below.

Where: New Directions Family Resource Center
Rice Elementary, Room 348
L Street, Chula Vista 91911

Vision and Statements

The City of Chula Vista becomes “home” to a generation of residents that are healthy, self-sufficient, involved in civics, and good to one another.
To ensure and enhance resident voice and leadership with regard to issues affecting community well-being. Action plans and advocacy strategies are being developed in the following three issue areas:


Increasing access to health resources and healthy choices among residents

Strengthening community ties for all ages and all ethnic groups

Enhancing neighborhood environments and infrastructure


To use face-to-face communication between fellow residents as a means of ensuring that: To draw upon the resources present in the communities of Chula Vista for the purposes of building stronger communities with healthier, happier, and more successful residents: To increase the capacity of community residents to effectively mobilize their own assets, advocate for their needs, and support each other in efforts to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

To engage local businesses in community enhancement partnerships and recognize the connections between improved neighborhood conditions and an improved business climate

Residents' interests, assets, and needs are represented and respected in the process of designing and implementing programs and services for the community

Information about community services is made available to all members of Chula Vista’s diverse communities

Relationships of caring among neighbors are increased

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Lillian Hernandez

(619) 254-3823 |

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