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Latinos with a COVID-19 Vaccine Change of Heart! | ¡Latinos con una vacuna contra el COVID-19 Cambio

Latinos face misinformation, but the truth is the COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

Here are stories of real Latinos who overcame misinformation, turned fear into bravery, got the vaccine, reconnected with family, and are helping end the pandemic once and for all!

Share their stories!

1. Rosa Herrera read on Facebook that the vaccine would inject her with a microchip. She learned that was a myth. See exactly what changed her heart and pushed her to get the vaccine! (en español)

2. Jesus Larralde was nervous about the vaccine’s possible side effects. His wife got the vaccine and was fine. See exactly what changed his heart and pushed him to get the vaccine! (en español)

3. Helen Cordova thought the vaccine was rushed. But she did her research and learned the vaccine’s safety, and volunteered to be the first person in California to get the vaccine! See exactly what changed her heart! (en español)

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