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Census 2020 | All Kids Count

All Children Count on the US Census! Call Us 619.427.2119 |

-Count children in the home where they live and sleep most of the time, even if their parents don’t live there.

-If a child’s time is divided between two homes, count them where they stay most often. If they evenly divide their time, or you do not know where they stay most often, count them where they are staying on April 1, 2020.

-Count children living in your home if they don’t have a permanent place to live and are staying with you on April 1, even if they are only staying temporarily.

-Count newborns at the home where they will live

and sleep most of the time, even if they are still in the hospital on April 1.

-Remind neighbors to count all children living or sleeping in their home most of the time, regardless of who or where their parents are.

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